Blog Essay #1

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Who am I? Who am I as an individual in this world? These two questions have been asked and thought many times this year by me.  To the honest, I do not know who I am. Sometimes with all the problem and events in my life, I tend to lose my identity. According to, identity is defined as the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another. This definition is correct to me but it does not help me define who I am. I believe that everyone’s identity changes as life moves on. At this movement, these two pieces of media represent what my identity is at this moment.

The first piece of media that represents my identity at the moment is Kathern Welsh’s painting called Rainbow Tornados.  I chose this piece of art because it contains a sense of crazy yet calmness in my life and for its color choice. The color choice is important to me because it’s the representation of me being gay. As you may know, the colors for gay pride are the color of the rainbow. This picture contains the color of the rainbow which to me represents my sexual orientation. My sexual orientation is part of my identity as a human being. People will tend to define me by this and judge me because of it. As proud as I am to be gay, it also represents one of the tornados in the artwork. The tornados represent all the different problems that I face in my life. The wave lines represent the constant movement of life. The wave lines stretch across the painting with all the tornados surrounding it. I interpret this as life continues with all and everything around going crazy or losing ground.  Each tornado contains a problem or issue in my life. The green tornado represents the problems I face for being gay.  Not everyone in the world is accepting of my sexual orientation. As an individual, I have to learn to face these people and the inequality that they bring to the world.  The blue tornado represents the issue with my family. At this moment, my family is going through a rough time and it has caused me some stress this semester. The purple tornado is the stress of school and blue-red tornado represent the financial worries that a college student faces.  Although this media seems to represent me well, it is not what I had in mind to use. I was looking for an image that showed gay pride boldly and had more depth than just the gay pride flag. When I searched the internet for gay pride images, I would come across images of pride parades, men in drag or the gay pride flag. None of these images I found represented my identity online. Instead, I searched images of abstract rainbow images and came across Kathern Welsh’s painting. More or less Kathern Welsh’s painting capture what I had in mind and provide the depth and meaning I was looking for.  When looking for the video part of this assignment, I had one music video that immediately came to mind.

The video that I chose to represent my identity is Hurts’ “Wonderful Life” video.  This video instantly popped into my head when I was searching for a video representation of my identity. Hurts’ video represents my identity in various ways.  Hurts is a British pop band that I discovered during the summer. I have a love for British pop which led me to choose this song. In addition, this was one of the songs that made me love them as a band. Even though I enjoy the band for its music, I loved the meaning behind the song and video.  The video is unique just by itself. The entire video is in black and white and only contains the two members of the band and a woman who dancing to random movement. I interpret the video being back and white as a representation of how simple life can be. There is no need for color or crazy effects to represent simple life. Also, I believe the black and white color brings drama to the video. The black and white video is the yin and yang of the video. It brings the video to a certain balance. The video contrast the image I chose to represent my identity. My image identity is full of color as opposed to my video identity is which is simple black and white. The woman who is dancing in the video is representation of someone going through life with the many problems that can come. She is expressing herself in dance and letting go of her worries through her dance. It seems her dancing does not go in rhythm to the song but somehow it works and makes her seem to be in rhythm. The message behind her dancing is that life is not always going to go as planned but you have to keep moving.  In addition, throughout the video she keeps a serious face as to represent that nothing fazes her. She going to do what she wants to do without letting anyone opinions get in her way. The lyrics of the song contain a message too. The chorus of the song only contains the lyrics “Don’t let go never give up, it’s such a wonderful life”. It portrays a positive message to everyone who is having a rough time in their life. I listen to song when I’m having a hard time in my life and I love the positive message. In addition, this song was used recently by another artist as a way to send the message to gay teenagers, who were thinking or have committed suicide that it’s not worth it. It’s a message to preventing suicides in the world by saying that life is too beautiful to let it go. The video and song represent what I wanted to find online to represent myself. I wanted something to contain a positive message and to be simple. It’s the way I want to live my life and how see myself.

Briefly, these two types of media represent me at this moment in time. Kathern Welsh’s painting Rainbow Tornados and Hurts’ “Wonderful Life” video best describe my identity online.   Hopefully, the painting and video gives you a sense of who I really am.


Hurts “Wonderful Life” “Youtube”

“Rainbow Tornados” Kathern Welsh’s painting


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Christian! Your blog was so meaningful and heartfelt. I love that you were not afraid of sharing all the things that you have going on in your life right now. I think the contrast that you drew between the color of your image and the black and white in your video was a great form of symbolism to illustrate the contrasting aspects of your identity. I like the way you analyzed each detail of the media that you chose to where you made a connection with each one through your identity. The only reccomendation that I have is to be careful with spelling and grammar. I have no critiques on the content- to me it was a great representation of what this assignment was all about!


  2. Posted by Brittany on October 15, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Hi Christian! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It was so in depth and your video and picture were very well analyzed in my opinion. I also could not agree with you more about “everyone’s identity changes as life moves on.” I thought that line was terribly insightful. The only issue I had was that you could have had added in more spaces to create more “paragraphs” (I don’t know if they could be considered paragraph’s with no indentation.) so that readers like me can follow along better.


  3. Posted by marinahass on May 7, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Hi Christian,
    Can I cite your essay in an article I’m writing about this assignment?


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